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JK Studio & Gallery

"fiber art and more"

JK Studio is known for designing and creating unique "Fiber Art You Can Wear, Hang or Just Admire".

We are a professional working Studio & Gallery in amazing Breckenridge, CO.

Featuring Hand & Machine Quilted Wall Hangings, Handmade Embellished Lightweight Fabric Pins& Barrettes, Hand Knit Scarves, Fabric Cards, Coasters, Paper Weights, Signature Embellished Vests, Sweatshirts, Fleece Jackets, Hoodies, Fleece Hats, Headbands and more.

Here's a short video tour of our Studio Gallery.

Many of our handmade items are one of a kind and there's always something new in the works.    When you're in Breckenridge, stop by our Studio Gallery for a look or check out our Virtual Shop for specific Buy Now handmade "Wall Hangings" or our Online Shopping Site for a limited section of unique handmade "Fabric Pins".